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A Zero Waste Solution.

At Recontained, we are passionate about the environment; about the world we live in. We believe, as a society, we have an obligation to ourselves,  to future generations, to the animals that we coexist with on this planet, to start making better choices. This is why we made it our mission to create an easy alternative to the single use plastic that is so dramatically & undeniably damaging our home.

Everyone needs personal care & home cleaning products, so how can we make a change?

A new approach to your everyday consumables.

Through retail stores & e-commerce, Recontained offers the ability to refill your clean containers with a range of mindfully sourced, quality driven products. We’ve partnered with USA based labs to ensure that our products are  healthy & safe, cruelty free, & all but 1, due to the use of beeswax, are fully vegan.

We believe in transparency, so we always provide a full list of ingredients for our products. We would never sell something we wouldn’t use on ourselves & our family, but you deserve to make that decision for yourself. No exceptions.

We offer customized scents with the use of natural essential oils & the option of our own high quality bottles that you can bring back and use time & time again, creating a waste-free cycle for your personal care & home cleaning products.


We also support other brands we love by offering them online or in our stores - all that help you easily obtain the eco-lifestyle you want.

Did you know that a portion of our proceeds are donated to help clean up the plastic pollution already out there?
Find out more on our Charities page.